Change is the end result of all true learning

I’m deeply motivated by environments that embrace change, encourage growth and development, and aren’t afraid to fail. It’s only under those conditions that true learning happens.

About Me

I’m a very driven and motivated leader, with experience managing teams of various sizes, from a small team of 5 to a large department of 200, and through different circumstances, from scaling rapidly over a short period of time to downsizing. My biggest strengths are in project management and operations, with a focus on organizational and process development. I’d love to work in an environment that is collaborative, challenging, flexible, fast-paced, and, above all, appreciates and encourages initiative.

Strengths I Developed

Relentless Project Ownership: Work is fun when I have the freedom to work on multiple high-value projects simultaneously.

Team Player Mentality: Engaging with others and bringing their opinions on board is one of my most important values.

Conflict Resolution: I take pride in successfully acting as a mediator between conflicted parties, bringing about a positive work environment.

Deep Listening: Listening with the intention of learning something new rather than just waiting for your own turn to speak is important to me.

Constant Learning and Innovation: Without the active pursuit of better tools, information and data, there is no room for growth.

Scenarios I Managed

The challenge was integrating the former lead, reassessing their strengths and managing the newly emerged team dynamics. After an initial period of dissatisfaction, the transition went smoothly and they’re now much more productive and motivated.

I took over ownership of complex and multi-layered projects (e.g. implementing an entire performance measurement structure) that were essential in developing a pathway to new revenue streams and monetising in new ways.

I saw high potential in one of my team members who was doing the bare minimum when I started and successfully coached them to becoming one of the most engaged and impactful individuals in the department.

Filling in a position several months after letting people go was an incredibly challenging experience. I took ownership of that decision in front of the department and owned up to the mistake, having learned a valuable lesson for future situations.

I took over a team with a number of clashing personalities that didn’t mesh well and worked extensively with them over six months to establish a foundation of shared values and team culture that enabled multiple individuals to develop to larger roles.

Challenges I Seek

Have a larger impact: I’m highly motivated by having opportunities to contribute in a way that brings value.

Tapping into my creativity: I’ve always been passionate about participating in creative processes.

Tight-knit cooperation with clients and team members: I enjoy working with a broad group of people and strive to exceed their expectations.

Removing roadblocks: I aim to help the team succeed by clearing obstacles and creating the best possible environment for them to do their best possible work.

Continue managing cross-functional teams: Every cross-functional team is fundamentally different and has a different dynamic, which is always fun to manage.

Management Toolset

A selection of the most valuable lessons I've internalised from books

There are no inherently good or negative character traits, rather they exist on a spectrum with two extremes at either end. The opposite trait to teamwork is individualism, both are valuable under the right circumstances. It’s possible to be too open for change (too much too fast), just as it’s possible to be too inflexible and unadaptable but a balance between the two is necessary for a successful company. Managing behaviour is much easier explained in these terms. “Miteinander reden: Kommunikationspsychologie für Führungskräfte” (Talking with each other: Communication psychology for leaders).

Being self-aware enough to recognise your own reactions to conflict situations is the foundation for being able to have open and honest conversations about meaningful issues. Developing the control and presence of mind to formulate issues precisely while creating a safe environment is a really valuable skill. “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High”

Checklists are a sorely underused tool that can heavily reduce the chances of human error and avoidable failures, especially in high-stress environments and vocations. Everyone is equally as prone to forgetting something when it matters the most and being fallible isn’t a sign of incompetence, only letting egos interfere with solving the issue. If checklists can save lives in medicine, they can vastly improve business. — “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right”


Nouran has the ability to be highly ambitious with her work and goals while also staying grounded and keeping the people at the forefront of her efforts. She is awesome to work with, and I struggle to think of someone who is more driven to produce work to the highest quality and is able to achieve this consistently.
Ryan Anderson
Team Lead
Working with Nouran is a great experience. She's very good at managing difficult situations, she can always keep the overview even in really complex projects and she's very straightforward and results-oriented. She's also been a great help for me when it comes to improving my communication style.
Jakob Flesch
Team Lead
Nouran started as my direct Team Lead at a really challenging time, and it was great to see her develop each member of the team on an individual basis, as well as the team as a whole. She's always open-minded and enthusiastic, and manages to convince you to try things out that you might be a little scared of.
Markus Daams